#3 – Sky Diving

I finally did it! If anyone have a bucket list, 90% of the time, skydiving will be on it. I’m no exception. I did my first 14,000ft tandem skydive with Skydive the beach and beyond. They claim they are the only company in Australia that do skydiving by the beach, and promise that they will give you the best experience. They are right. It was amazing.



Of all the location skydive beach and beyond offer, I choose to do it at Sydney – Wollongong, where this company first started.


14000ft tandem skydive consist of 60 secs of free falling and a couple minutes of gliding in the sky. And if you’re lucky enough like me, your instructor will let you guide the parachute and do a 360 degree circle in the sky. Fun. Yes.


If anything along the process that will convince you not to skydive, it is probably the waiver. Our mind is so wonderful that you will start imagine how many things can go wrong when you skydive while reading the waiver. I signed the waiver, and opted to not pay for the extra insurance for accident. Reason being, if accident happens, I’ll probably be dead, any insurance would be meaningless. True? Not true? You decide.


After a simple 10 mins briefing, we were sent to the airport with a young blonde lady pilot await. There are 8 of us who jumped together. That makes 16 of us plus 1 pilot in the small plane. Not the most pleasant thing but the view definitely pay off. We fly about 30 mins before reaching the jump site. I can see different emotions on everyone face when the pilot announce ‘5 mins to jump’. While all instructors be like ‘jumping off a plane 20th times for the week, let’s go’.


If you ask me what is the scariest moment of the whole experience, it would be when they open the plane door, and the first jumper went pooof! and vanished in the air, then you realize, OKAY I’M NEXT. Everything is SO LOUD. There was a lot of yelling. I highly doubt that anyone can hear anyone at all. By the time I figure out what Glenn was telling me, I’m already out of the plane.



Being strapped to someone definitely made it a lot easier. You see, you don’t have to fork up the courage to actually jump out of the plane, when your instructor fall, you fall. You go gliding for a bit in the sky, soaking up the sun and amazing view. Then he steer you down to the landing spot. And it ends with you guys hugging each other and another million pictures.




How about the free fall? Free falling was my least favourite. To be honest with you, I was having a mini panic attack because I was struggling to breath. Being a mouth breather make it ten times worst.


I would recommend you to check out the view of your jump site while choosing where to jump. The location of your jump definitely affect your jumping experience since all you do is being strapped to instructor and look at whatever you’re surrounded by. Choose one site with a good view and make your money worthwhile.


This is by far the coolest birthday gift I’ve received. Ever. Here’s to twenty-four.

love, w


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