#27 – Stationery Shop

Okay. I have to admit that  I cheated for this. Again. But… This is good start. And I do hope this effort can be carry on so I’ll actually get there.

So yes. It counts.


Yesterday, I added 2 tabs in the menu above. Calligraphy and Shop. For the past month, I’ve been working on my online shop. Visit the shop here. The original idea of this shop was to set up an online retail for beauty and cosmetic products. I know. As if I haven’t had enough shopping spree on cosmetics and beauty products, now I’m taking it to bulk purchase scale of shopping spree. Oh, that idea excites me. But that didn’t happen. After talking about it with few people and approaching brand and label, the heat slowly die down.

Then, we moved on to talking about container store. Acrylic container. To date, I don’t understand why acrylic container selections are so limited in Malaysia. It’s sad. I don’t want to talk about it.


During my holiday, I pick up modern calligraphy, which is also on my bucket list (#46 – Learn Calligraphy). Choices of supply we have here in Malaysia is very limited. I can’t find a good retailer. Shipping everything from US seem to be the only resolution. Some wise man once said, if you can’t find a way, create it. I don’t even remember when did I made up my mind to actually put these talks into action. Since then, I never looked back. Calligraphy has a relatively small market in Malaysia. Getting respond is challenging. I’m always busy. To top it off, I’m also always happy.


The name is Alcee. Alcee means famous bearer WHAT?!? It’s also an Italian baby name (got that from google, only found out about that after I register the company license) Also, that is not what I intend to name my shop after. Famous bearer? Really? Anyway. the name is suppose to be ‘Hey Moose!’ But it is so common, the domains was taken I have to opt for other options. The gist of the story is, my favourite language is Spanish (also on the list, #8 – learn Spanish). Alce is moose in Spanish, and the extra ‘e’, hahaha, I would’ve put another 5 or 6 ‘e’ there (refer to URL), but that would be ridiculous for shop name. I have problems.


This shop was set up with one focus, calligraphy supply. The hardest part of the whole process is to keep myself focus on what it was meant to be. I’m constantly struggling between expanding product range to full on lifestyle stationery or remain focus in calligraphy. The struggle is real. Along the process, I learn to channel my thought to where I want them to be, rather than having it all over the place.

Truth is, I have no idea what I’m typing anymore. I’m just gonna insert some random pictures and call it a post.


love, dee


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