#14 – Visit Old Trafford

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You can change your wife, change your politics view, change your religion. But never, never can you change your favorite football team.

This pretty much sum up the love I have for Manchester United for the past 9 years. 9 years is not a long time, but it is probably the next best thing I committed myself to other than trying to be a good daughter. Being a fan, visiting the home ground and watching the game live has always been my dream. It still is. I mean, you can never watch too many games at this majestic stadium. Yes, I just call Old Trafford majestic. The thing with Malaysian is, we stay in this country where watching premier league during weekend is THE thing, but we seldom get to watch them live, LIVE live, not SCREEN live. It involves a lot of money, all these hoohaa to get there and more money. I’m too grateful for ticking this off my bucket list. The experience was incredible. It’s like you step in this magical land where all the unfamiliar faces get the passion you have for this club. It was amazing. And all I want to do is to go back, and do it again.

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I understand that the club is undergoing a bit of the transition period with all the manager-players-owner drama. To me, the club meant so much more than just winning the game. Ok, let’s put that behind us and move on to the game I watched. Comfortable win, 4 nil against Wigan FC, I couldn’t be happier. And it was Kagawa first appearance after he signed to Man Utd. Amazing. Period.

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I stayed at the Premier Inn right next to old trafford, walking distance to the stadium, provide pre-match lounge area for tenants, serve food and alcoholic beverages. It is quite far from the city center, public buses are available, they are efficient, not a problem. I highly recommend Premier Inn if you plan to visit (purely for the game), because a night walk around Old Trafford when the building is all lit up is so worth it. Do drop me a message if you want all that boring details of booking matchday ticket blah blah blah, will be glad to help.

I really should be studying right now for my last practical paper. Officially a dentist in 10 days. Finger crossed.



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