Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

It’s 12 degree outside, we took a little walk from our hotel in Yeouido toward the famous Yunjunro street. The chilly weather makes the walk fairly comfortable. Not a common thing for us Malaysian. The tropical weather make it impossible.


These cherry blossom tree stretch out for another 6km. It was 2 days after full bloom when we were there. You can already spot some greens in between pink. It was raining flower petals when there is breeze. Wandering along the street, we were drew toward the crowd ahead of us. The festival was filled with families, young couples and tourists. We spent a good 3 hours trying out korean street food, taking pictures, watching street performances and just looking at people in general.


This is one of those walks that I wish will never end. With conversations, icy cold drinks and dad throwing his random thoughts. It was a perfect day.


love, dee


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