Guilin, China

Guilin is renowned for its karst topography. If you want it in my own words, Guilin is renowned for cave and scenery. Basically guilin is famous for landscape that made of soluble rocks like limestone and gypsum ie, cave. And you will be amazed by what Chinese are capable of to make these caves more interesting. Or amused for that matter.


I manage to squeeze in a trip to Guilin before I start working. And I must say, Guilin is amazing. What’s even more amazing is creativity of people in China have. Their ability to make something out of nothing, pure genius.

guilinip-2 guilinip-3 guilinip-3-2 guilinip-4

February is not the right time to visit Guilin. The weather is cold, scenery is misty, rain, wet, umbrella, god, don’t visit Guilin during winter. The best time to visit Guilin is around Jun to Aug. Though it is the warmest month in Guilin, the area remain rainy. However, you definitely get more sunlight and better scenery. Unlike my pictures, all grey and wet.

guilinip-7 guilinip-8 guilinip-9 guilinip-10 guilinip-11

On good day, we get a few good hours of sunlight before rain started in the afternoon. On bad day, it rain through the day. But if you’re visiting which does not involve climb up steep staircase, you are fine.

guilinip-16 guilinip-17

One of my favourite thing about Guilin is their street food, that float on the river. Who would have guess?

guilinip-20 guilinip-21 guilinip-22 guilinip-26 guilinip-27

More posts about my Guilin trip will be up soon xxxx


love, dee


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