The Golden Temple, Amritsar

This temple, known as Harmandir Sahib, is the house for the holiest text of Sikhism. The complex is made of several different building, with the golden temple seated in the middle of the nectar pool.

b amritsar004

To enter this temple, we have to cover our head and take off our shoes. We walked bare foot from the shoes store-room to the temple. The path is not exactly clean, but padded. If you plan to visit India, you really don’t want to put comfort and cleanliness as your priorities. Most of the people around this area walk around bare footed anyway.

b amritsar011 b amritsar013

Visiting this temple during day and night gave you a complete different feeling. I remember that midnight, we walked to this serene temple from our hotel room. Volunteers are cleaning up the floor, sticking up the kitchen, visitors sleeping all over the floor. We sat there talking about life, work, travel experience and pretty much everything for a good 2 hours while staring at this beautiful gorgeous temple. It’s one of those time where you forgot about all the hustle bustle completely, so serene and peaceful. It’s like you are at a different world.

b amritsar091 b amritsar100 b amritsar108 b amritsar109 b amritsar115 b amritsar126 b amritsar130

b amritsar144

b amritsar223

You can take pictures freely in the entire complex except the gold temple in the middle. Guards will make sure you switch off camera and keep it out of sight once you enter the golden temple. Inside the temple, you can see exquisite marble and gold artwork, one of the kind, simply stunning.

b amritsar222 b amritsar153

b amritsar166b amritsar199b amritsar192

Spot that tall guard in yellow with his freaking long spear. SPEAR?!?

b amritsar196b amritsar235

There’s a free kitchen ‘langar’ in the complex which runs on donations. You could try out their wholesome food or volunteer yourself in the kitchen. This massive kitchen claimed to feed 100,000 daily, easily the world largest free kitchen. In there,  all people get free food regardless of race and religion. It’s the kind of place where people forget about differences and labels, where people are just people.

b amritsar137

The golden temple is hands down my favourite place in India, beating the grand Taj-mahal. You have to see it for yourself.

Love, dee


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