Calligraphy at WEIS cafe

Few months ago, I did this mini shooting at WEIS cafe and here’s how those photo turned out. Having limited equipment with me, I did the shoot with a Canon G12 and my Redmi 2.

shoot 6-12

I actually quite like how these photo turned out. These photo featured some of my must have calligraphy tools. I travel a lot with my calligraphy pen. If you want a detail post of how I travel with my calligraphy gear, let me know.

shoot 6-16shoot 6-20

These black and white quote cards are my obsession. They are from kikki.k, another obsession.

shoot 6-27

Recently, life has been… Pretty hectic. Hectic is not even the correct word. I’m just very tied down on my schedule, with the oncall and workload going on. I’m left with very little time to do things I want to do. Time like this, it’s so important to get priorities right.

shoot 6-28

Most of the day, I passed out the second I get in my bed. On better days like today, I make time to do things I want to do, not need to do. Life is still exciting, considering the fact that this is going to be a once in a life time experience.

shoot 6-29

I recently was nominated into this tallypress TOP 10 calligraphers in Malaysia search and finish as top 5 in the list. Although it is only a small scale voting process, I’m still very thankful to all families and friends who other to go through the process of downloading that apps and vote for me.

shoot 6-32shoot 6-34shoot 6-38

Okay. Let’s stop rambling.

Love, dee



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