Bondi – Bronte – Coogee Coastal Walk


If you are in Sydney, this coastal walk is a must do. It took me around 3 hours to complete. And that is with multiple stops I made along the walk to take it all in. It is breathtaking. That goes without saying.


Each year, a section of this walk is transformed into a art gallery, known as Sculpture by the Sea. I am lucky to catch it in time, and it is amazing.



The entire walk from is 6km long. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, put on your sunglasses, slab some sun screen and bring enough water to hydrate yourself.



So the sequence of the beaches and bays go from Bondi – Tamarama – Bronte – Waverley – Coogee. Sculpture by the Sea starts from Bondi and ends at Tamarama beach.



Unless walking is an issue to you and your company, I can’t imagine why would anyone miss this cliff top walk. It is my favourite activity out of everything I’ve done in Sydney, very relaxing, very beautiful.






At one point, there are 2 routes that you could choose from. You could either climb some steep steps to Marks Park, or walk along the path and avoid steps. I did the former, shown in picture above. Can’t really remember which part of the walk is this. But if you see any steps, climb them. It’s always good to be at higher ground, for the view, or for the kill.










That’s my favourite piece out of everything from Sculpture by the Sea 2014. I have no idea what it is meant to be. The artist named this windstone. Part of me wish it is some sort of stealth ring that could blend into the background from one particular angle. But nope. No luck finding the magic angle. Art piece and me don’t go well together.



AUS_3027 AUS_3030 AUS_3033

AUS_3078 AUS_3067

Wouldn’t it be nice if we bleed lipstick? The world would be a better place.



And that giant frying pan. I’m sure this frying pan is the highlight of the exhibition. The majestic frying pan. So this is Tamarama beach, also where the exhibition end. Yes, pictures are posted according to sequence.


AUS_3125AUS_3167AUS_3177AUS_3173AUS_3153The Waverley Cemetery, got to be the burial ground with most spectacular view.


At the end of the walk you will find a small town and a bus station. Food for thought is to do this walk in a reverse manner. So you start from Coogee, work your way to Bondi and spend the rest of your day there. Bondi beach has a huge selection of restaurants, cafes and bars. Trust the tripadvisor review, their top restaurant in Bondi, Trio, is indeed one of the best. I almost spend that afternoon there instead of walking. Almost.AUS_3195

So there I sat, waiting for the bus to come, gave a good thought on my life, got my priorities right. Travel alone makes me know myself better. I don’t have anything else to focus on besides myself. When I learn to actively observe how I react and feel, I make better decision. For example, choose to stare at the sea than seeing an art exhibition. Great start yes? Well it has to start somewhere.

love, w


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