Kulraya Villas, Koh Lanta

First, let’s start with a little update about myself. I recently graduated from my university and successfully registered as a dental surgeon in Malaysia. *pop champagne here*

Fun fact! Dental students who professional trained in university are addressed as dental surgeon in my country. Here, dentists are self-taught personnel where their skills are passed on from their family. Basically, in Malaysia, dentists are quacks.

That’s that. Let’s move on to this beautiful secluded villas that I went few weeks ago.


Kulraya Villas are located at Koh Lanta, Krabi.

Koh Lanta consists of a few islands, south to Krabi town. It takes 2.5 hour by car to reach this place which involve 2 ferry rides. It might seem a bit dreadful to sit in a flight for 1 hour and another 2.5 hours to reach Koh Lanta, but boy let me tell you, it is worth it, or should I say, the villa is worth it.

Kulraya villas is a private own property, it contains 2 villas only. Hence, private, peaceful and quiet environment. The kind of place you would want to go for complete brain shut down. I spent 3 nights at this villa, the experience is flawless. Attention to detail the villa is amazing. My favourite part of the villa is the sound system installed throughout the house. I had too much fun looping Guardian of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 ♥




I don’t have much photo of the villas, you could check out their site on tripadvisor here. These villas look exactly like what you see from the pictures from their site, no fancy Lightroom and Photoshop touch up done.

Oh! Did I mention these villas face west side of the island? It means you can enjoy sunset and take thousand of picture like nobody else business.



Recommended restaurant and bar:

Funky Monkey Restaurant Bar and Karaoke

Cook Kai Authentic Thai Food Restaurant
Red Snapper Fusion Restaurant
Or you can just order from Kulraya Villas, they offer a pretty decent menu, reasonable price for the quality of food. I mean taste.

Most of the time, spiciness of all dishes can be altered according to your tolerance.

Now to the boring details. I travel in a group of 5.
Per night stay: 5000THB (low season), 13000THB (peak season)
Airport transfer: 2700THB
Food (from the villa): approximately 200THB per person
Scooter: 250THB for 24 hours
Car: 1000THB for 24 hours

love, w

#I want you back – Jackson 5

here: ဒီမွာ။

2 thoughts on “Kulraya Villas, Koh Lanta

  1. Karin says:

    Hello, Thank you for your photos, there are so beautiful. I’m looking to go to Koh Lanta, and Kulraya Villas, for Christmas 2015. We were on this island 3 years ago, but unfortunately we have not seen anything. My question is : I hesitate for rent a car or a scooter (for safety, I prefer the car but I’m afraid of not finding a parking (e.g. Saladan city, little restaurants, beaches… And I have not driven scooter for 20 years, I do not even know if I can) Can you just tell me your opinion ? And another question : there is one of 2 villas better than the other ? Thank you in advance. Karin from Switzerland (sorry for my english, that’s not my mother tongue :-)))

    • wandeeeeeee says:

      Hey karin! If budget is not problem then you can go with a car. Kulraya is located at the west side koh lanta. It took me more than half an hour to travel from west sude to the east side on scooter. I dont think parking will be a problem as koh lanta tend to be less crowded than krabi.

      And for the villa, both villas are exactly the same. Very good privacy. Ian and Luk are great hosts. I’m sure you gonna enjoy your time there! 😊 and definitely give cook kai a try!

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