Red Fort, Delhi

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Also know as Lal Qila. One of the architecture contribution by Shah Jahan beside the famous Taj Mahal. There is no wonder why he is considered one of the greatest Mughals emperor, having his reign called Golden age and the most prosperous era in Indian civilization.

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Red Fort is known as the official residence for Mughal emperors, who are descended of Genghis Khan, therefore the word Mughal, refer to Mongolic in Persian language. Lahore gate is the main gate of Red Fort which is orientated towards Lahore, where Shah Jahan was born.

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A few buildings were added by later British inhabitants look awkwardly out-of-place. At one point of the tour, I find myself staring at this room located in the middle of an artificial pond, trying to understand the purpose of it, only found out later that this pond would be filled with water and lotus flower lamp, and in the chamber, Shan Jahan would score any woman he courted. So this place is basically ‘a giant playboy mansion’ according to Richard. Red Fort is located at Old Delhi, next to the biggest local market Chandi Chowk. Old Delhi, for being old, I enjoyed walking through the busy street of Chandi Chowk, looking at the crazy busy market with all sort of life as we made our way too Jama Masjid, the biggest masjid in the world.

I will be posting about Taj Mahal soon, hopefully. Finger crossed.

Have a nice day!


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