Recently #1

Exam is finally over. I’m not totally relief as the result will be out this Friday. Hope all will be well. I’m slowly planning for holiday, picking up notes from every corner of my room, and of course, started reading. I’m currently still on wedding night, and will move on to Tuesday with Morrie after I finish. Tuesday with Morrie was published awhile back, I never get the chance to read. One of my 2013 resolution is to read more book this year compare to last year. I’m so glad that I’m getting there.

genting bgenting-57

genting bgenting-58

My friends and I are suppose to go to Genting Highland again after the final. I guess no one has the nerve to mention it now since the fatal accident which killed 37 passenger happened last month.

I’m in the process of searching for frame which is thick enough to hold quilling art. I really should stop procrastinating and start ticking item off my to-do-list. And probably go home spend some time with mummy.

Did you watch Miley’s recent performance on VMA2013? The experience of watching the whole performance is really bad. So I went on to search on her interview after the show. The whole Miley team was cheering at the back stage stating it was a really successful show. To my surprise I’m actually agreeing with them after watching all her interview. Miley is well aware of what she did on stage. For her to gain 200k twitter follower, 200k of likes and huge sale amount of her new track ‘Wrecking ball’ in 4 days with one jaw droping performance is amazing. I don’t mean jaw breaking in a good way though. Anyway, that’s too much Miley for a day.

Hey Monday!

#Boneless – Steve Aoki


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