Olympic Park, London

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When I was in London last year, I missed Olympic by a few weeks. However I’m in time for the Paralympics game, lucky me! It was a great experience, to witness the Great Britain patriotic spirit. I attended 3 events of Paralympics, one at the olympic stadium, one at the Eton Manor and another at the aquatic stadium. On top of that, I managed to catch a glimpse of Paralympics torch relay while I was wandering around the national theater.

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If you’re unsure of what Paralympics is, Paralympics is like Olympic, but with disabled athletes, physically and intellectually. To be honest, I didn’t know Paralympics exist until the week before my trip to London. This is definitely one life changing experience. Those athletes are too amazing doing incredible things which I never thought is possible.

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We need to remind ourselves how lucky we are from time to time. These athletes, some are born disabled, some became disabled later in life. Misfortunes happen and it’s amazing how they turn it into a positive energy, became part of this great event and inspire everyone. I’m sure that I am not the only audience who take this events as a motivational talk rather than a sport event. Truth is, we all have a choice, we design our destiny, write our stories, the outcome is whatever we choose. And then we can do and have and be things that people once said that’s impossible for us to do and have and be.

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