Chaweng, Koh Samui

b kohsamui188One quick irrelevant question, is this picture out of focus, or is it my eyes?

b kohsamui192

I spend a at Chaweng shopping street, it is parallel to the chaweng beach, so you could spend time along the beach in the morning and go through the shop lots into this shopping street for everything else. I just can’t describe how much I love this place. I LOVE THAILAND, every part of it. I mean, it’s Thailand! You know the drill. Food, massage, alcohol, manicure, pedicure, seaweed snack, shopping and tissue paper. Yes, you read it correct. Tissue paper. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you seriously need to check out tissue paper in Thailand the next time you’re there. Yes, I’m obsessed, I know I have a problem, but it makes me happy, so that’s ok.

b kohsamui197 b kohsamui195

Highly recommend this restaurant. They offer a huge variety of seafood, steak and local Thai cuisine. I will definitely go back to this place.

b kohsamui207b kohsamui187b kohsamui212

Thai boxing competition that I did not watch.

b kohsamui217

Lady with Yellow sign “Happy hour Buckets Buy 1 Free 1” Apparently, happy hour lasted all night long.

b kohsamui219

The Green Mango Club.

b kohsamui224

There are tons of pharmacy along this street, which is great for me, I’m a goner for pharmacy. Just take note of those privately owned pharmacy, in term of price and quality of goods. Price for same products could be ridiculously different, and I’m sure all of us want to make every penny worthwhile.



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