Holborn, London

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Two out of four Inns of court (Gray’s Inn and Lincoln’s Inn) are in Holborn. This area has group of buildings and legal institutions which originally attached to the Inns of Court, now used to train barristers, as legal chambers or office for solicitors. It has been associated with the legal professions since medieval times. I love how this area still preserve parts and pieces of Inn of courts that survived Great Fire of London and Second World War.

This orange building is called Holborn bars, where the Prudential Assurance headquarter used to be. After their relocation during 2002, the building has been converted for meeting and function purposes room which is available to the public.LD aa (42)IMG_4272My sister was attached to Lincoln’s Inn during her barrister program. She spend a morning bringing me around Lincoln’s Inn. Lincoln’s Inn is not open to public. Only law students and family are allow into this premise.IMG_4307



The chapel in Lincoln’s Inn. Lincoln’s Inn has been used by plenty of film production as setting for its beautiful architecture. One of the most notable movie is Sherlock Holmes.

IMG_4304 LD aa (1)

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The Royal Court of Justice.

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Staple Inn, one of my favourite building. Part of it is use by Institute of Actuaries


To get here, take the Central Line of London underground to Chancery Lane station. Holborn bars is right along chancery lane, I’m sure you won’t miss it.



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