Marché Vernaison, Paris

vernasion b004

Marché Vernaison is an antique market that has history dates back to 2 centuries. Stepping in Vernaison can give you different kind of feeling about Paris. This market is old, but well-organized. Life in there is so laid back, shopkeepers are either having tea outside the shop, or not there at all. You can find everything here. Vintage toys, furniture, painting, newspaper, clothes and accessories. However, pricing for most of their antique goods are ridiculously expensive. I would say only visit there if you have an extra morning to spare or you are really into antiques. I didn’t manage to get anything here but I had fun looking around.

vernasion b001vernasion b002vernasion b008vernasion b009vernasion b017vernasion b018

Due to limited time, I only manage to browse through antique toys section.

vernasion b020vernasion b025vernasion b007

To get there, you need to take Metro line 4 to station Porte de Clignancourt (last station of Metro4) Once you reach there, you will see Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, an ordinary flea market that sell replica and souvenirs. Ask for direction to Vernaison or 99 rue des Rosiers. And remember to search for sitemap of the market before you head there to save time!



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